How to Send Later with Boomerang for Gmail

We May feel like sending the message (email) later to our friends, but we frequently forget it to send at the right time or we may miss the timing, for example, sending a birthday wish or anniversary wishes to our friends at midnight but we may miss our schedule of sending the email. But with the add-on Boomerang for Gmail never forget to send a message, and schedule them in Boomerang Add-on at month, date, and time to prepare your mail to a particular address.

The Add “Boomerang” helps us to make our mailing platform more accessible and more convenient. This is not only preferred for sending greeting messages, but it also helps to send Forward mail at the right time to friends/colleagues and mates, when you are out of town. The Boomerang shows the performance only in CHROME & FIREFOX if you don’t have this browser download it from here.

Steps To Work With Boomerang:

Step 1:

Download “Boomerang” here to your Gmail and relaunch your browser after installation.

Step 2: 

You can see a new icon boomerang in your Gmail if you are using an old version of the Gmail platform. Compose mail or forward mail that is to be scheduled.

Step 3: 

When you did your composition choose to send later button (red color) below your send button (blue color).

Step 4: 

Give the schedule timing to send your mail and get a boomerang after it is sent to your mail. as shown in the image below.

Step 5: 

I represent to sample send mail on Christmas day wish to my friend as December 24, 11.55 pm, so like this, it can be scheduled for your friend’s birthday when you are engaged with important work/meeting. So cannot leave your friend by not sending a Birthday wish they will feel happy but you know the secret.

Step 6: 

You can also set a reminder once again if not he has been replayed for it.

The Add-on Boomerang for Gmail makes the process as easy as the collected one and in this case, you will never any greetings and wishes from your friends and relatives at the time. You can schedule mail all your friend’s birthdays for this month in an hour and leave the rest to Boomerang, it will take care of it. Get more information about Boomerang Add-on on in CNET Page.


Boomerang for Gmail stands out as a cutting-edge email management application that gives users unmatched control. Communication is redefined by its time manipulation and reaction tracking capabilities. It manages inbox complexity, coordinates timing, and revives dormant conversations with grace and accuracy. Boomerang for Gmail serves as a productivity ally by combining aspiration with fulfillment. With this amazing instrument, embrace streamlined efficiency and limitless possibility.

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