How to Check Website Speed | Improve Web Page Load Time

Now a day’s everyone is using Google to search for their information. There are millions of websites available on Google, and each website is with its content. When you search for any information in Google, it will list the links, which is related to your topic. Each link is directed to some websites. While searching, the user always wants to check website speed very fast. Because nowadays, in this busy world, no one has the patience.

If the sites are loading slowly then the user may get tensed. So it may lead people to get bored while using your website. If you are a blogger you should focus on your web page loading time. Loading time is a very important goal to run a successful website. So if you want to attract visitors to your site you have to reduce the loading time of your website.

Here are some websites to check your site loading speed freely. So you can easily analyze your site loading time and try to create faster-loading Web Pages.

1. Google PageSpeed Insight:

Google Pagespeed Insight is one of the webpage analysis services, which can help you to know the performance of your sites, and also able to get a solution for how to improve your web pages. Once you type your URL link in the given box and enter it. Then it will show the result of your webpage. Here you can check website speed and performance Check Google PageSpeed Insight.

Check Website Speed

2. Gmetrix:

Gmetrix is a free analyzer tool, which will tell the performance of your page and it can generate the scores of your Webpage. And also tell the suggestions.

3. Pingdom:

Pingdom is one of the easy tools to catch your loading time and monitor your site. It will show your load time, page grade, page size, etc.

4. Webpage Analyzer:

Webpage Analyzer is a free analyzer to test the speed of your website, for that first you should enter your URL in the given box. Then it will calculate your page size, download time, etc.

5. Optimize:

Optimize is the site used to know how fast your website is loading compared to another site.

6. Yslow:

Based on the set of rules, Yslow analyzes your pages and gives commands to improve the execution of your site.

7. Load Impact:

Load Impact is a free tool, which provides you to check your site performance with the chart(which measures the load time).

8. Web Page Test:

Web page test supports you to analyze the load time of your site from a different location with the use of different browsers.

9. Site Speed Checker:

A site speed checker is an easy tool to check your site’s performance. At a time you can enroll up to 10 URL links. check your site speed here:

10. Uptrends:

This page test tool helps you to check your loading time and show the HTML page of your block. Test your site loading time here, Thus by using these sites you can enrich the ranking of your website, by knowing a lot about your website.

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